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Re: My paranoia
Apr 16, 2011
I used to worry my boyfriend would cheat because i had it done to me in the past then someone once said to me ''If you stress about it everyday it is like your already heartbroken and thats living in misery, but say if she did cheat on you then what? you will be heartbroken and you will move on or stay if you can get past it, when someone cheats the severe pain is only temporary at some point it fades away, but if you worry everyday and been paranoid that pains even worse'' amount of worrying, paranoia can stop a person from cheating. If she did cheat then shes not worth been with anyway. Think of it like a bank robber , i know it sounds silly but they is SOME bank robbers out there, but then you meet people who don't do that kind of thing therefore not everybodys the same and does not do the the same things (like cheating etc...)

Plus if YOU are not a cheating type of person then that goes to show theres some decent people in this world, you won't be the only one.

As for the texts, they could be a few reasons either she doesnt like messages clogging up her inbox (i delete my messages for this reason too so its possible), she might think you might read them and fly off the handle thinking the worst and accusing her of cheating (she may have had a bad past too or previous paranoid boyfriends), or she maybe being secretive. Also it is possible for a guy and a girl to be FRIENDS ONLY alot of people seem to think ''ooooh there must be something going on if they are hanging out alot'' BUT like i say a guy and girl are capable of just been friends and nothing else (alot of people judge a male and female been friends). I have alot of male friends, more than female. My best friend is male too.

I was once in a relationship about 3 year ago and i still used to go see one of my male friends and usually on a friday i would stay over at his house , we would buy some food , watch tv, play with his pets, he even used to give me a head massage BUT we was just friends nothing more and my ex was a control freak and cheated on me but for some unknown reason he wasn't paranoid about this friend which was strange but anyway so yeah a man and woman can be friends ONLY. Just realised i have repeated myself a couple of times sorry lol x

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