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Hi there, my sister is getting married this winter and a few months ago we had a huge falling out. I had asked for her help with me moving across the country, i asked for her to go and open a storage unit I needed open in my hometown (where she still lives) and she attacked me and basically opened up about how shes always hated me, how selfish i am, how terrible a person I have been to her, and how she refuses to give specific examples and explain my actions to me. So still to this day I have no idea what specifically I did. I ended up having to drive 5 hours out of my way during my 3 day cross country drive bc she didnt want to drive 10 minutes to open up a lock.

Anyway, since then she never apologized and the weird part is, shes acting like shes my best friend on earth. She's getting married and came to me after the breakdown and said "Yeah i still want you to be my bridesmaid"--not even asking.And she constantly emails me about her wedding. First of all, she never told me what i did wrong, then proceeded to bad mouth me to all her friends,a nd now shes being fake nice so that i will be in this wedding

I WOULD suck it up and do it, but here is another thing.... Her first choice for bridesmaid was her best friend, this girl stepped down b/c she didnt approve of who she was marrying. Then she came to me. I ALSO cannot stand this person. He is abusive, he is psychotic, he is on all kinds of drugs, he constantly watches sports 24/7, doesnt do anything shes interested in, calls women all kinds of horrible horrible names, and she is clearly miserable---she's gained all this weight and complains all the time and talks nonstop about how depressed she is and how non-motivated she is about life and such, but then will say how happy she is with this person.

He has gotten her into drugs too and brags about how he can get her to change all her plans and go with him to his sports activities, he blows all his money and vacation time on sports and drugs and is gone almost every weekend at either a casino place with his friends or sports place or both, he uses his vacation time to go on multiple trips to vegas with the buddies and never brings her along.

In their 4 years together, he has taken her along 1 time to a resort, where she said he watched the olympics in bed the entire time.

He's a sickening person, he has made her miserable, everyone i know feels this way and either wont tell her, or HAS told her and then he has attacked them, called them cxnts or worse and made her stop speaking to them.

Now the only ppl in her bridal party are his sister and some random girl who wants my sister to be HER bridesmaid when SHE gets married.

I stepped down as bridesmaid and I feel bad, but seriously i dont know how i could sit there and pretend to be happy about this when i am so upset.

Am i being ridiculous?

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