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Most likely he is done but too cowardly to say so. On the other hand he may just be taking you for granted. Don't have the "Break up talk" that he is so afraid of. Instead just stop calling him, if he wants to talk to you he knows your number. And don't just drop over, find something you are interested in, get involved, become busy. If he invites you Out (not just over) go, but if he asks you to just come over (booty call?), tell him "I have things to do but if you have something special in mind I can leave for another day, but what I have to do is too important to me to drop for just for a night of TV". He may accuse you of not wanting to spend time with him, if so gently tell him that the time you have been spending together has not been the quality of time you deserve, and tell him what you want. Do not complain about what he has done in the past. He cannot change that. What do you want going forward? Just because you have been together a long time is no reason to stay together, but if you care for him (and are not staying just because you are used to him being there) give him a chance to fix things. If he still wants you, he will step up his game. If he doesn't, then having places to go and things to do will help. It will still hurt but not as much and not as long.
After writing this reply I saw your post from June 2009. The situation is worse than this post indicates. He is not just taking you for granted he is using you. Please see a counselor to figure out why you have put up with this. Get out as fast as you can, there is nothing here for you.

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