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Well i think i just need to hear it from people, straight and point blank. My boyfriend and i have been dating for several years. things between us are cold. Very cold. He doesn't want to live together, get married, or anything of the sort. He doesnt want to spend anytime with me except to go into a coma in front of the tv when i do come over. No conversations, only him getting frustrated at me if i leave one of his dish towels slightly wrinkled on the counter, or not put a pen back in place in the drawer, or i could go on and on. He takes it personally and tells me i dont care about him when i leave something out of place. When i ask him to do something like take me dancing or dinner or whatever he always finds and excuse not to go or says he has a heacach, BUT---- goes balls to the wall out with work buddies all the time. AND--- somehow acuses me of not wanting to spend time with him. is there something wrong with this picuture here? sorry but telling me your phone died when you call me back hours later on the same phone is a bit aged and all too obvious. what is going on you think? anyone? i am all ears, thanks

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