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ive been with my husband for 5 yrs but only married for 6 months i cant believe im even on here but i need some advice from someone without a biased opion we got together when my son was 2 months old and hes been his dad though it all even the fighting with the biological father then we had our daughter shes now 2 and we got married in the binging i will admitt that i wasnt sure what i wanted and i did make some bad calls but he wanted me back so after a month of us being on and off i decided i was acting stupid and we got back together he hasnt ever let me live it down but then weve been together 5 yrs since then now im working and going to school and i caught him on facebook saying some out of line things to another woman i confornted him and he apoligized he wants me to forgive him and act as if nothing happened but i cant seem to stop thinking about it what should i do?

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