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I am a selfish boyfriend. For years I always put myself first, even used a spreadsheet to plan my own life possessions. Recently my relationship with my girlfriend has suffered deeply. She was made redundant and although I allowed her to move in, I havn't been able to keep thinking about myself. Partly due to my Farther being very much the same.

I am looking for advice from both side of experiances of selfishness, and willing to discuss further own my own story[/QUOTE]

First of all, you should look at what kind of selfishness you are talking about. If you have Asperger's syndrome, then you would tend to be self-focused and self-centered. It is the way you are.
I admit most people like to be with unselfish people or at least with people who are respecting one another mutually.
If you want to find someone close to you, the best bet is find that girl who has the same interest or value so she would not mind it.
If she minds this selfishness a lot, then it will not work.

I know some people who are selfish and the marriage worked out because the wife shared the same interests and also didn't mind it because she was independent. To me, he was selfish to his wife, but his wife didn't mind because he gave her social status and a kid.
I am not sure what you are looking at here, but if you want to see if it will work out and how it will work out, then you must find a woman who shares with your interests and does not mind to be on her own at times.


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