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I'm so sorry, renasday.
If I were you, I'd be embarrassed for [I]him[/I]; he's the one with the problem, the one unable to refrain from exhibiting socially unacceptable behavior. He's the one disgracing himself in public.
Pendulum is correct, as I'm sure you know: women do not like being gawked at by uncouth strangers in public, especially when said weirdos have heavily pregnant wives in tow.
Your husband will be lucky if some woman doesn't report him for harassment, or some irate boyfriend doesn't beat him up.
He's not only being disrespectful of you, but also of the women he's gawking at, and their partners (if any).

I think you should tell him that you understand he is psychologically ill, but that you cannot stand by and watch him humiliate himself in public any longer with this behavior. If he were lacking in bowel control, you wouldn't put up with him running around pooping his pants in public. You'd insist he wear an adult diaper or something, so as not to embarrass himself and everyone else. Since he's lacking in emotional control, he needs to find a way to get control of his symptoms and avoid making everyone uncomfortable constantly, whether that involves seeking psychiatric help or whatever.
I really think you need to give him an ultimatum. Since he's admitted he's "sick" (whether he really is or not) and that his behavior is a symptom of his illness and is beyond his control, it's time for him to seek treatment for it.

If he won't, leave him. You don't want your daughter growing up around someone like this.

Best of luck.

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