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I really have no reason to be, we have been together about 6 months, are in love, things are great when we are together. But sometimes I have to smack myself because I will do something like send a text and get a little antsy when i don't hear back and imagine all sorts of bad things. Totally unfair to her. Don't want to smother her or scare her off, and we have had some bumps in the road in that early on we were both afraid to commit due to past hurt and mistrust.

We are over that, are crazy about each other and trust each other completely, so why do I get these nagging thoughts when I don't hear from her? :(

This is new territory for me, in the past my relationships it has been the other way around; the woman I was with seemed to get upset if I didn't respond to something right away and had all sorts of unfounded suspicions and fears. I know how unattractive that can be if taken to extremes....and here I am on the verge of committing the same thing.

It bothers me.

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