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Re: Marital Woes
May 12, 2011
[QUOTE=rosequartz;4752051]I'm curious what your sister says about it?
it could be just 2 potheads relaxing.....i wouldn't jump to any conclusions about an affair[/QUOTE]

I think this is it. She likes to get high, BIL is a safe guy I've known fo over 20 years. She asks me if I would rather have her doing it with a dealer or some stranger. I think it's a combination of her wanting to"get out of Dodge for a couple hours"(stay home mom needs a break), and also a little bit of payback for the way I've treated her the last couple of years. If I try and stop her, she's going to go everyday just to make her point. I think I just need to let her go and get it out of her system. We have had two marriage counseling visits, and she seems really open to the advice were getting, except with this issue.

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