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Thank you Sera!

She is going away this weekend... She is actually already there. She took today and Monday off work. A male friend invited her to come and spend the weekend with him in an apartment in a different city that he is looking after on behalf of some other friends.

She told me that he invited her and 3 other of his friends (one guy and two ladies). I said to her that I hope she will have a very nice long weekend and that I am happy the guy invited some other friends over as well cause I don't know him and would not have felt comfortable with her spending the whole weekend alone with him in the apartment.

That is how it all started...

She then told me that she would have gone anyway even if he only invited her and that she sees no problem in spending the night with this guy (or another male friend) in his apartment. She also said she has done it many times in the past and that nothing has ever happened so why would anything happen now that she is dating me. So, it's not just talk...

I really love this girl and I do trust her! In fact, I was thinking of asking her to move in with me... But, in my mind this type of behavior is not correct and respectful towards me. I do need to get my head around this issue. About the way she reacted and how she has no problem spending the night alone with another guy in his apartment.

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