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I had a falling out with my best friend last Xmas and we made up. She has a daughter (Suzy) who is 20 with 2 kids (2 and 3 years old). Naturally her daughter Suzy and grandkids are everything to her and I enjoy them too and they adore me.

Well, daughter left her boyfriend (father of those kids) once again and I believe she really means it this time (he emotionally abuses her). When they were together he had very little interest in his children, he was too busy drinking and smoking pot.

Now the daughter moved in with her Mom (my best friend) and I have been helping out by driving the kids to daycare (daughter didn’t pass her driver’s test yet) and I feel stupid that I even volunteered because it interrupts my schedule and messes up my day (I should have thought of that before volunteering). I work from home while my best friend works for a company.

Getting to the point, ex-boyfriend wants to see his kids now practically every day which is totally out of character for him and I have been suspicious of his motives. His family has money and I have a gut feeling that his mother wants him to get custody of those kids. Maybe I’m wrong. I expressed my concern to my best friend but she ignored me. I think she wears rose-colored glasses.

2 nights ago ex-boyfriend comes over to my place to get the car seats and I said to him “How interesting that you are taking such an interest in your kids now that you and Suzy broke up”…

Now my best friend and daughter are not talking to me after he told them what I said. I know I should have stayed quiet, why couldn’t I? What is wrong with me?

I agree with seraph totally.

But look at it on the bright side get your days back to yourself. Your best friend can't be much of one then if shes going to fall out with you over that. Is HE (the ex boyfriend) really worth falling out should ask her that. surely they know hes an idiot too.
Thanks! I know I overreacted and should have stayed quiet, I was overtired from my schedule being turned around, I did try talking to my best friend about my feelings and thoughts about the ex-boyfriend but she didn't want to talk about it..

I think my eyes have slowly been opening up to whether my friendship is really a true friendship, it seems like both my best and her daughter just try to see what they can get out of me.. When I have problems and need to talk, my friend really doesn't want to listen so I guess she's really not a friend afterall... I hate to think she's a user but maybe that's all she is.. And I'm a fool for being so darn sentimental...

Is he worth falling out over? My best friend has told me over and over again that she thinks he's an idiot as well as the daughter.. So now I get the silent treatment from them? I don't think that's fair because I made an error in judgement...

I don't want to drive the kids to daycare anymore so at least I'm out of that. Let the daughter take a bus. I'm tired of walking on eggshells with them. I thought I was looking out for these innocent kids, guess time will tell what the ex-boyfriend's true motive is for wanting to see them all the time. If they come crying to me in the future, I don't want to hear it. I'm fed up with all their drama.


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