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Very sad... hurt
May 17, 2011
Here is my issue. My boyfriend and I have been together for 8+ years now. I have a promise ring, but no engagement ring yet. I am ok with that, I do want to marry him though, but think he is scared to move forward. It is more because I know he thinks.. one woman forever.. and he does not believe in divorce. Anyways.. a few nights ago we had a fight, well not me really but he has been getting frustrated lately and he yelled at me for a good hour or two on how mad he is and how much he hates everything, and his life and how I do not make him happy. Why do I think we are in a good place.. I do not cook good and when I cook it is not always what he wants to eat etc. So then the next day he loves me again and says he forgives me… ok.. I guess I will take the blame for his outburst.

Now it comes to light that he spoke to someone he works for – well he does not see this girl often, but she has asked him out multiple times even though she knows he has a gf. First time she did not so I will give her the benefit of the doubt then.. but after that I think it is wrong. So he saw her the day after our fight and told her who knows what but he said he spoke to someone who thinks we should split.. I am like ok.. but he does not. Then I accidently see an email with him canceling this get together we are supposed to all do together so I can meet some of the people he works with (all women) apparently are the only ones invited.. bothers me yes. So I saw an email with ihm saying he is still working on things with me and he has to cancel, and then he said You understand… and she replies if you want to reschedule to hang out or if you ever need someone to talk to you can call or email.

I take this as sort of a betrayal.. am I wrong? I do not know if he just spoke with her that one time, and that one email.. or if he will continue... I do not know what to do.

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