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My boyfriend and I have been together for 8 years. You'd think that's a long time and a lot has been established with us. However, recently things have just been going down hill.

Lately he's been getting pushier. He wants to hang out with women from work and says that I should be okay with him talking to women on the phone, texting, and hanging out with them outside of work.

When he asked me if I was alright with him going to the bar with some woman he'd met at work while out of town, I told him that I wasn't and it made me uncomfortable, and I'd rather he not go.

He freaked out on me and told me that I was being a crazy jealous girlfriend and he didn't want to be with me if I was going to try and dictate his life. He told me that not all female/male relationships were about sex. He then proceeded to tell me its never cheating unless it gets physical. And I told him that its cheating when your leaning of you gal pal more than me and looking to her for friendship more than me. (Later on after he made me feel bad for him not going, he inally told me that it was going to be her and a lot of people that worked in the area going, that she hadn't really asked him, but asked him if he wanted to because her guy friend suggested they let him tag along so he could get to know the people from the offices) I swear he's TRYING to make me crazy.

I realize I might be being a little territorial but he just treated me like crap after I told him how I felt about it. So... I gave in. I told him that I trust him and I didn't think he'd do anything to hurt me and this one drink with a co-worker after work was okay. Only later he went on the tell me that an ex-coworker of his, who was relocated twenty minutes away from where he's stationed for work, text him and asked if he wanted to come and see her new place of work (they work in hotels). He asked me how I felt about it and I said okay, because I didn't want him to get mad at me for putting 'restraints' on his life. He said that I'm allowed to do the same things. That this is the way 'real' and 'normal' people live, that we need our 'own' friends through life. He said that I would meet her when we moved down there where he's working because its a promising location and the company wants to keep him there.

But this situation is tearing me apart. I'm a mess and I can't sleep because I can't let go of the notion that he's demanding things from me that I'm just not comfortable with. I don't mind us having friends of the opposite sex at work, it happens/ its work. But outside of work our friends have always been ours. I wanted to start a life with this guy, get married and have kids, the whole nine yards and he's treating me like I'm crazy and I don't know reality from dreamscape.

And because he's treating me like it, I'm starting to wonder. And because I'm so obsessed and paranoid now, my body is feeling the toll and I'm feeling the wear and tear of this relationship. Help me... Do I sound crazy?? Or is my boyfriend using the one week I spent at a mental hospital five years ago against me?

Sorry its novel like. I'm just scared I don't know whats right from wrong or whether I'm making myself crazy or not....

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