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I can sort of see both sides. Did she realize you were going to Vegas in January, or did you just say you were going to Vegas sometime? If she didn't know you had plans for January, maybe she didn't realize your plans were so set with your boyfriend. She thought you already had agreed to go with her on a trip, so maybe she figured changing the location was not a big deal, and then instead of going on a trip with her and one with him, you decided not to go on a trip with her. So she felt like you chose him over her. I've had a friend make plans with me, then when something better turned up (plans with a guy) she didn't even bother to tell me our plans were off. So, I can see how she would feel like you dropped her for your boyfriend. But, you offered to combine the trip with her and your boyfriend, so that should have been enough to appease her. It's kind of her own fault. I mean, that's just dumb of her to try to choose Vegas when you already had plans. She sort of tried to hijack your vacation so no wonder it backfired. You made it sound like it would be a group of friends for her birthday. Can't she celebrate with the other friends? Does she have a boyfriend? Is she jealous that you have a boyfriend and she doesn't? If she does have a boyfriend, can she spend her birthday with him? Seems kind of silly to let this ruin a friendship. She seems sensitive and immature. I can understand her feeling that way, but to stop talking to you seems ridiculous when it was her own fault really. She sort of set herself up for that.

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