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I think you need to wait a little longer. My boyfriend asked me to move in with him when we had been dating for 10 months. Probably 5-6 months into the relationship I was staying at his condo almost every night. I lived with my parents at the time and would go "home" in the morning when he left for work to get ready for my day at work, but on the weekends I would pack a bag to stay and wouldn't go to my parents until Monday morning rolled around. so, by the time he asked me to move in it was like I was already living there and there wasn't a huge adjustment other than moving my furniture and other stuff in. I know it would suck for both you to be paying rent, but it is possible that 1 or both of you can sign 6 month leases at your own places? That way you will have additional time to get to know each other, but it won't turn into a year of wasted rent in 2 apartments if you start spending a lot of time at her place (of if she spends a lot of time at your place). By the time the 6 month leases are up you would be dating for right around a year and can reassess the living situation then if something hasn't already been decided

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