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Ive been a jerk lately and shes been going to college. i started hanging out with my friends more this past week and left her alone casue i was mad at her. she started staying on campus longer and even went to a party on friday. we barely called or talked.

i told her i needed to talk to her on fsaturday to discuss our relationship. i began talkign about how she didnt call me and saying i wanted to break up with her and i can see her trying to defend herself and not let go of the relationshp.

but then when i asked her what we should do she started crying and said she wasnt sure. on one hand she doesnt wanna lose me but on the other she saw what it was like to be alone and said she could do that. but that she really didnt want to lose me because she loved me.

the thing is she offered to even just go back to dating or be friends but i told her no i couldnt do that. either shes my girl or shes not my girl. i didnt beg for her but i told her to make a choice. i told her she can leave me if she wants it will hurt me but i will be strong and try to move on but i said i wanted to be with her and will be a better boyfriend if she wants to continue the relationship. she went back and forth but ultimately decided to choose me and to work the relationship out.

seriously she saw a future in me these people in college arent going to love her like i do or be there for her in the future. i realized i havnt been treating her right and i promise to do that and appreciate her now moviing forward..

but part of me is hurt and sad that she was clsoe to dumping me because of school or wanting to party. i feel like i should have let her try it out because i feel that she really loves me a lot and would come back. prior to this, she was always the one fighting for our relationship but now that the tables have turned i see what its like and i will treat her right and do anything to make this relationship work.

but how am i supposed to feel knowing if she parties or is alone and indepandent thinking she likes it more than me or thinking in the back of her mind she doesnt want to be with me, its making me feel insecure and despressed. i dont know what to think i need opinions please. all i know is she needs to realize the grass isnt always greener. she later told me she could never leave me but i dont know.. im feeling insecure right now. What do you think about the status of our relationship?

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