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Girlfriend left me
May 23, 2011
well me and my gf well ex now, were dating for about 2 years and it was the greatest relationship i have ever been apart of. She is 28 and myself, i am 27. everytime we had a fight, which wasnt very often, she basically packed her shit and left, then realized later that she over reacted. well, it happened again at the end of april, and it stuck this time. She said she wants space, time to think and reassess the choices she has made? And she keeps drilling in my head that we need to date other people, and no, she isnt dating already. Now wether its her counsellor telling her this i dont really know. What really bugs me is how she can go from talking about marriage and kids to moving out while i was at work one night and wanting to date other people.

She has always been telling me i need to get a better job , which i have finally done,. when we first started dating she had just finished school and was having a hell of a time finding a job, it took a few months too. But did i say look u need to find a job or else we cant be together?no, i didnt. so about 3 months afterwe started dating i lost my job, and instead of being supportive like a gf who loves you should. She tried to leave a couple months later cause i couldnt find a job. She keeps saying we arent in the same place, we want the same things but im not ready? bullshit. i was and am more than ready. What burns me up, she is 70,000$ in debt from school and she is telling me i cannot afford to buy a house or have a wedding with the job i have? how about you?!

This girl is my everything, i need her to come back. i am friends with her whole family and they all seem to think she is looking for someone with money...that shes out for one thing and thats security. She said she wanted space and didnt want to talk or see me, that was 3 weeks ago. so last week she called me, said she loved me and missed me and wanted to see me, so we met up. she instantly kissed me, hugged me, cuddled me, just like nothing had happened, then proceeded to tell me later that she isnt ready to date other people yet but she will be soon. So that confused me, so i called her out on it yesterday so she said we are never getting back togeher, she doesnt want to be with me. Then she proceeded to tell me what a wonderful man i am, that i was the most respectful, trustworthy, loyal, caring man she has ever dated and that she still loves me.

now i know i cannot control how she feels, if she doesnt wanna be with me, she doesnt wanna be with me. but i am wondering if anyone else has gone through this? what did you do? what can i do?

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