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[QUOTE=mugwump;4762261] I wonder if she'd coming running back if you acted like you got a new job paying $150,000, [/QUOTE]

Does that mean lie to her -- make up a story?

I see that a lot on the board -- people suggesting that somebody "pretend this" or "act like" that to get a reaction out of somebody.

Isn't that dishonest and game-playing? I wonder how those things are character or integrity boosters for the individual doing the setting up of the game.

Would it be so hard in this situation -- or any situation -- to directly ask "Are you struggling with this relationship because I don't make six figures?"

Or in the case of "pretending to be interested in somebody else" to "make somebody jealous and see what he/she is missing," would it be so hard to say "I'm hurting, I'm sad, I'm angry, I wish we could have stayed together and it's going to take me a while to recover. While I'm going through it, I cannot see or talk to you for any reason."

There is freedom and peace in practicing radical honesty. Really there is.

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