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Well to start off I've known him for two years, he is just flawless and so perfect looking haha, we met in class and we just became friends almost right away. We never used to hang out, maybe once every few months. And this year earlier in the year we'd barely ever text, talk, or hang out. Let's just call him.. Tom lol
I was dating this guy for three years, a year before I met my Tom, and I loved my boyfriend so much, I didn't like anyone else at all. Now that me and my boyfriend, well we broke up a while ago and I have terrible depression and we're starting to talk again kind of, me and Tom have been hanging out like once a week minimum and we text so much more.

Anyway, I'm not sure if he likes me, now I don't want to have a boyfriend right now because I'm still crushed and confused from my and my exe's breakup, I think we're going to get back together this summer, but right now it feels good being able to like someone else so much like Tom.

I don't know if Tom likes me. But my best friend is like "oh yeah he totally does I can tell!!!:)" like he'll look at me a lot, and take pictures of me when I don't notice he is, and I always joke around and call him a creeper. He rubs my legs, I don't feel uncomfortable, well I get kind of red but I hide it, he'll be like omg you shaved them wow!! lol. He sits RIGHT next to me when we sit on my couch and sometimes he'll lay on me or put his head on me. He spent the weekend at my house and he just slept upstairs in the loft, and we'd stay up until like 4am and just watch tv and fall asleep on and off. He'll play hit me and call me names joking around being kind of prejudice to all my nationalities and talk really ghetto on purpose to make me laugh. He never used to but if he forgets to text me back or text me goodnight he's like "OMG I hella thought I texted you back! I'm so sorry best friend! lol goodnight I love you!!!!!:)" then he'll text me "good morning have a great day!!!!!!:)" We always say I love you, with a smiley face, a lot of people think it's weird but I guess we're just nice and is a friendly thing like "Ah I love you you're so funny haha" Idk he's just like always right by me when he comes to my house. He's never actually like complimented me or anything, which is why I'm confused if he likes me. He'll just be like "you're so fat!!!" but he is joking because I'm really fit and skinny. He jokes a lot. He is shy and quiet though.
When we go somewhere he always buys, he'll buy me food or anything when I say "no my mom gave us money to buy it you don't have to!"
I just feel like we're getting closer but idk if he likes me. I know when a lot of girls like their friend or something they'll kind of dramatize things guys to to make their brains think they like them lol. I don't know what do you guys think.

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