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This is the part of his text that it seems you are choosing to focus on and pay attention to...

[QUOTE=MsConfused;4769192[B]]"You're important to me [/B]so we need to sit down and have a conversation." .[/QUOTE]

But this is the part of his text you really SHOULD be paying the most attention to, because it says everything you need to know...

[QUOTE=MsConfused;4769192]"Well you know that my priority right now is school. However [B]I should not have hooked up with you if that was the case cause it is not fair to you[/B]. I think we should talk about this though, but not over text messages. [B]I apologize for saying one thing and doing another[/B].[/QUOTE]

It seems he does care for you as a friend and doesn't want to hurt your feelings, but you're a friend with benefits, not girlfriend material to him. I'm sorry to be harsh and blunt, but I think if you start wrapping your mind around it now before you actually see him face to face, you won't be so emotional. You did sign up for this in a way. Anytime a woman has sex with a man and it's not said up front that they are in an exclusive relationship, they are kind of signing up for a friends with benefits kind of situation. Try to stay calm when you talk to him. No tears. No blaming, etc. Just get straight in your head what you want, and listen carefully to him and hear what he's telling you regarding what he's actually willing to give, and not give, you. And accept and respect his feelings. It is NOT your job now to try to convince him of what a great girlfriend you'd be. He's telling you what he's willing to give you and what he's not. Your only job is to decide if it's good enough for you. And it sounds like it isn't. You must be prepared to put your walking shoes on.

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