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I guess you'll just have to live your life thinking about the ex behind your husbands back because its clear that you dont want to stop contact. You can cut contact, but you choose not to therefore i guess you'll just have to deal with the ex contacting you and be in your dreams/fantasy. I too think theres some underlining issue as to why you can't seem to let him go. Maybe he makes you feel sexy and wanted and like the attention.

You asked ''Why is ex-boyfriend still in touch with me after 14 years'' my question to you is ......why are YOU in contact with him? Ex's are ex's for a reason, means that relationship doesnt work and most likely wouldnt ever work, only on rare occasions ex's get back together and work.

Do you want this ex back? If your husband and the ex was stood infront of you now and said ''Who are you going to choose? '' ......who would you pick? Who means most to you? Think deeply what you want in life.

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