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Re: Really....
Jun 4, 2011
Well, I don't think guys are going to be honest about the fact that they come on so strong because they want the ego boost of knowing a woman is getting crazy about them and that it's not because they like her so much. A lot of times it really is just an ego thing. My ex comes on to every single woman he meets, whether or not he's attracted to them. He has low self esteem and tries to build it up by getting every single woman he meets to fall in love with him. I've seen women do the same thing. I've even had "friends" who flirt aggressively with the guys I've dated, right in front of me! And that's because their self esteem is so low that the can't stand the thought that some random man might find another woman attractive, even if they aren't interested in him themselves.

So, it's not necessarily a "guy thing"'s a low self esteem thing. And it's best to leave those low self esteem people on the shelf and like mama said, shop around.
Re: Really....
Jun 5, 2011
Hey thanks for the posts. Yea looking back now I can see where it might have totally been a low self esteem thing with him, or the ego boost thing, probably both. Guess this is what happens out there now days.. **Yay** I've been out of the dating seen for 4 years or so since i was in a pointless abusive relationship that went no where which ended of course,--Thank the good God above us-- and this deal with this new guy floored me because I can usually tell when a guy is being sincere or when he's being a lying snake. And he had total sincerity, the short time i saw him, we had great chemistry, seemed almost perfect actually, so its just puzzling. too good to be true maybe. OBVIOUSLY. well thanks guys, i do appreciate your responses.

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