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Hi all,

I am going to be brief but I would like opinions from males and females.

My boyfriend and I have been together for over a year now and we just moved in together about two months ago. He is my best friend and I trust him completely. We talk about everything and any question that I ask he is more than willing to answer. I could go on and on about how happy I am with my relationship but I would rather get to the problem/question.

My b/f got a snail mail letter from his ex. I know all about his ex and from what I hear she is a really nice girl. I met her once (when my b/f and I weren't dating) and she was really nice to me. Long and short of it she sent him a letter saying she is in love with him and while she knows they aren't going to be together she reminisced over old least that is what I think it says.

The only reason I slightly know what the letter says is because he told me. A couple of days after he received the letter I asked him if I could read the it and he said (very politely) "absolutely not". Well that turned into a bit of an argument.... I asked him why I couldn't read it and he said because "if I wrote a letter like that to someone I wouldn't want her to show it to anyone...."

After further discussion with my bf he said that I can read it if I want to...It has been sitting on his desk since he has gotten it and even pulled it out of the envelope when I asked him if I could read it today.....

Here is my question: SHOULD I READ IT?????

Even though he said it is okay I kind of feel like it is not for me to read. As I said I completely trust him I am just curious as to what girls say in a love letters...I know what you may be thinking 'I am a girl and what would I write'...?? But all girls are different and I want to read her words. The explorer/psychologist in me want to know!

What should a curious girl do???

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