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Hi, I am new here.

I am not sure what I am looking for here but I am posting because I feel the need to ask a question.

Months back i started seeing a woman (28 with 1 child 5 year old girl) She is someone i went to school with in my town, even ran into her 2 years ago at a wedding. She introduced me to her child, involved with in her life as i let her set the pace due to having a child. Id sleep over alot and help the kid with homework. Things just progressed as normal. If she had a day with friends planned vacations planned which were made well ahead of her ever meeting me i was all for her going. She recently had been promoted at work to a high stress job (not knowing what your going is stressful) also there were people laid off in which she had to cover for which could mean saturdays and sundays up to 12 hr shifts. I noticed she was really burned out and tired alot, didnt want dinner anymore, seemed to clam up kinda i guess. But hey, work stress blows so i figured ill just ask to make sure so one night i asked her to come to bed so i could talk with her 5 mins. I told her i sensed somthing was wrong but i couldnt put my finger on it. she said kinda, so i had asked if it was me. She said indirectly. She also said she was use to it just being her and the kid and i should just come over everyother day. I responded saying do want me gone and all me things gone outta your appartment, answer was no. ok so No big deal.

this was end of the school year which im sure is stressfull with now tranistioning to kid into a daycare all summer, dealing with 7 days a week of work, not being able to clean the appartment and such. And yes i did help out around her appartment, i didnt ass kiss but i did help out if i could. take trash out or take dog out, make a meal every now and then. put my messes away. The biggest help was me spending the time to do HW with her child or playing with her at times.

well the nextday i left the appartment for work like i always did and we talked out 5 mins like normaly before i left, hug, kissed the normal jaz. when i left i said just lemme know what day ya want me over. By this time i had been staying there alot as per her request so i have lots of things at her place, bathrooms full of my, clothing she said i could keep there and throw in the wash even though id take alot home and do myself on a weekend cuz i didnt want to give her more was lol. I had alot of bed clothing id let her wash that always stayed there. We are even on the same cell plan, which is fine by me she told me to just go on it.

Well that friday i left for work, later at night i got a text saying she was gonna go to her best friends house some, we had a text or to and i think i texted her the next day or so. we did hang out only for an hour about 4 days later at the park with her child. The kid was tickled pink to see me. after that i think i didnt see her for 2 weeks, not much contact. Id call and shed let the kid answer the phone cuz she saw it was me, somthing she only lets her do if its real dad or family members. So that was cool. I had asked her if everything was ok she just expressed shes very busy with work and needs to get alot of things done right now.

So yeah it kinda got a little odd but she never said she wanted a break or didnt wanna be with me or what not, just alot of things bottle necked and having to adjust.

I had been in the area 1 night i think a week later and called saying hey id like to talk. I had a female friend saying i should ask her to her face if she needs to talk or whats i bit the bullet went over and i guess wanted to find answer if any. She was sleeping told me to come in, ( i dont like doing over un anounced but figured wtf i want my answer) we talked i asked if she needed to tell me anything about whats really going on. she said no, said theres just alot i need to get done right now. she'd smile and look right at me, normal sign ya know. told her about some things i was up to she laughed a lot. everything i had left at her place was in its place like i had just let it the day before, but its been like 3 weeks i guess now. i did notice her appartment was really tore up but she had said she wanted to go thru things months ago and never got around to it (her lease is up in aug i do know). at this point i looked her in the eye and said do you want me out of your life cuz if so ill take my stuff right now and go. she giggle and responded instantly with a no and shook her head side to side some. the signs people miss i try and look for.

i think i spend about an hour over there, she had to let the dog out before going to pic up her kid from the daycare lady and said come out while she let the dog do his jaz. I had eve asked if there were any dealbreakers because i did find myself in a odd situation right now. she said nope. so when i left i think i said somthing about well i got all this extra time now im not sure what i should all do, she said hang in there and it will go by quick. we hugged and kissed and she left so did i. no i dont hear outta her unless i seem to make some kinda contact like calling. im not even bothering texting anymore cuz i didnt want to bug i guess.

so yeah i am a little confused, but fully understand too busy, and her best friend is getting married in sept also. My buddy said we should drive by one day to see if what she told me added up. I never felt anything was going on like that, and still dont. I know one sunday i texted her saying call me i wanna see ya today if ya can. i hadny hear back for a few hours and figured she was pulling the sunday shift. she works down the road from my house and its a road i (must) travel to get to my house lol. yeah her car was there. even told me she was at work and just got out, headed to friends to help plan wedding stuff. I know she even would let her cell next to the bed all night for me regaurdless if she ended up passing out in her kids room or finding her way back to her room to sleep with me. She had even showed me the password to get onto it cuz it had te net on her phone, gave me password for laptop i was free to use and do anything there i wanted, even had to baby sit the kid a few times when called into work which did stop then.

so i never felt the need to start distrusting someone when they let you stay a week at their appartment watching a dog while they on vacation with family. so the little i might have checked on her which i dont even consider stalkin added up.

Im just sorta lost on the distant feeling but do realized she may need to get some of her time back and what not. now if i would of heard her say lets take a break, of a fight or that jazz id prob be thinking differently. I even know the last time i was over and we talked she said about oh i went over the phone mins last month i said oh ok i forger we changed it to a set number of mins, ill glady pay. she said nah dont worry about its fine.

now i wont pest someone, but i will keep making some contact because id rather not throw this away, i really liked the package deal if ya wanna say. Also months ago she said bluntly to me yeah your time to run is up and your stuck now, i was like cool!

i guess im looking for some advice, i am 28 in 3 months so we are not young, both responsible people. i kinda feel if she really wanted me gone she would of said fine take your things and go, but to say hang in there it will go back quick. My gut feelin is she needs prob the summer to get back on track, is it fair...nope, but im not a simple mom working 65 hours a week, with all that jaz i mentioned. from time we were dating i think she was only working about 45 a week.

any advice, i like the girl, like the package too. and shes got some things at my place too.

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