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Thanks CookieKat,
Well they have been friends since high school and continued to be friends into adulthood. I would have to say when it comes to Peter and his relationships its quite uneasy. The reason is he was engaged and then broke it off and then again engaged to the same girl again. And again he broke that off and since then he's been changing girls like his underwear. And all his bad habits have been starting to rub off on my fiance. Peter is one of those people that when hes in a relationship he forgets about his friends and when he doesn't have anyone he goes running back to his "homeboys".
As far, as intimacy is concerned I haven't felt the touch of his hand or any lower extremity on my body for months. So basically I've become dryer than the Mojave in July. I just want to fast forward to monsoon season if you catch my drift. I wear all the sexy lace things that he likes but it's like he's too tired or he doesn't want to. I know if it was any other guy they would be like handled your business, but that's not the case.
I've been together with my fiance for 5 years and out of those years we've been intimate 4 years. The Sex use to be great, we were like rabbits. Since we met in college we would take "breaks" in between classes and do it anywhere. The lust and the pure adrenaline of having his body on me was heaven. But now its seems like he's more focused on what Peter wants, this begs to ask the question I wonder if Peter wants my man. Because under normal conditions any guy that spends their days off from work always together isn't that a little homo? And why do I have to be the one chasing my fiance, he should want to come home and make love to me I feel like WT* ! But whatever I love him and I want to make my relationship work. Right now I gave him back the engagement ring and told him that since he wants to be single he should be, but realize what he's giving up. So right now our relationship is on sabbatical until further notice.

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