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my boyfriend and i been with eachother for almost 8 years and we have two boys together any how last year i found out i have sage 3 colon cancers so i deal with that but my bf started actting very difference not careing if i didbt feel good or saying mean things to me because i wanted for him to spend more time with my and the boys not the ps3 and this is the funny part he would always fell asleep in the bus so he would get out of work at 4pm and wouldnt get home till 12am cause he fell asleep in the bus (bullsh*t) anyways my birthday came up and nov and my gift was a book that cost 15 bucks which didnt matter to me but he spend 200.00 on himself didnt get the boy anything (not me but he always get something for the boys) so dec comes up and its my baby boy birthday so on the 19 we had a yo gabba gabba party i pay for everything the party gifts everything i noticias he always from me and woundnt help with anything and this guy doesnt never do anything for himself i do everything for him now he all ways wanted to go to the store and he never leave his phone around it always in his pocket now so i caugth him in the room and when i walk in he put the phone down really quick so i take the phone from him and it an older lady( who knew about me and my kids ) mad because she only see him on the weekdays and she call herself the weekly chick so i switch the chip on the phone to mine and he didnt know so when she called again i answer the phone all the times he was at her apt with her and her kid (an older kid) and would kick my back in know i needed all the help i could get because the cancers was kicking my ass but he didnt care at all now am still with him but i dont feel the same anymore i feel like i hate him i dont show it and i feel the only reason im with him so my boys can see their dad everyday (cause i know if im not with him he wouldnt never ever come see my babys i now how he is )my boys love that guy so much they cant wait till he comes home the romance is great that what he say but i dont want it anymore he dosent know that it just a big no no with me i hate having s*x with him again he dosent know that now he wont tell me what the lady looks like but he did show me where she live at( i kind figuer it was there) the lady had a boyfriend too and she is still with her bf and i think marry now anyways he did ask me to marry him in aug and i said yes but i didnt know he was cheated so when i found out he ture my phone off so i sold the rings a got a new phone i had money but i was saving at that time so i didnt what to touch it anyway i dont know what to do cause i loved it when he wasnt here but my boy were sad someone please give me some advice if i should just end it or try and work it out

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