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First of all, I'd very strongly suggest you "unlink" your emails by getting your own address. It's easy and free. You can easily change it on your resume. That way, reminders of Joe aren't constantly in your face every time you check your email.

Secondly, I'd guess he's doing exactly what we have all suggested you do...maintaining No Contact. Maybe he realizes that moving on with his life is much easier without the constant reminder of the relationship and its end. You may wonder to yourself at times why he seems to be able to move on and you can't. I would guess that it's because he is sticking to No Contact. I think he gets angry because he is trying to move on and put the relationship behind him, and your contact with him isn't allowing him to do that.

Your lives are no longer linked. I believe it would be in your best interest to do away with anything that connects you to him as quickly as possible. I'm willing to bet you spend a good deal of time thinking about Joe and the relationship and the whys and the hows. Constant reminders aren't helpful with this. Like I said before, the only way I was able to start healing and moving on after my ex broke up with me was when I cut all contact and stopped trying to think of reasons why I "needed" to talk to him or ask him something. Seriously, up to that point it had been months and I was still hurting (and hoping!), but when I cut off contact and removed anything regarding him from my life, in a matter of weeks I was completely better.

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