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In a rage.
Jul 2, 2011
I need to vent. These days i am in a serious rage alot. Too many things stressing me out (people). Just glad me and boyfriend are still going strong since we sorted our issues out. I want to vent about the most recent thing that happened today some it may seem little and it should be BUT for some reason it is making me into a very stressed out woman.

Okay, so we rescued a duck, hes become our pet. I look after him the most and got him tame. My boyfriend lets his 2 kids take him outside and let him run after them. My boyfriends son gets carried away and thinks hes the boss of the duck and today started trying to take him to his friends ....and i was like HELL NO. They keep picking him up when he doesnt need to be picked up and he doesnt like been picked up, plus he follows you anyway. We used to have pet mice and the children was cruel to them and treat them like a toy, we constantly showed them how to hold them, how to be gentle but they still didnt get it we caught them when they thought we wasnt looking plus the kids would also argue over them.

I am very protective of our pet duck and i just do not trust the kids with him. We have told them to not get them out of the hutch when we are still in bed (at around 7-8am when we are still in bed on a weekend)....yet they STILL get them out and think we dont know. My boyfriend is not discipling them enough and im left to do it then i look the bossy bitch.

Why do i feel in a rage all the time? How do i get rid of it and chill out? Other things are stressing me out lately so that doesnt help.

Things are getting so bad that when everyone was in bed last night i stayed up and broke down BIG TIME in tears and just sat in the dark staring at the tree's out of the window then curled in a ball. Fed up.

Also forgot to add my neighbours always come out to see duck when hes playing in the garden and they have a very BIG dog shes a friendly dog but they let her near duck and claim she wont snap at duck but she did 2 days ago but thankfully her teeth didnt hurt him the dog got really excited and the ducks terrified of him but they barely pull there dog away and i am stressed out. ducks so vulnerable and he is my baby.

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