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I have this feeling and i dont like it. I dont understand it at all. Me and my boyfriend have had a rocky relationship but since i went to therapy and changed my behaviour (insecuritys, trust issues etc...) my relationship is soooooo fantastic we very rarely argue so happy , the spark is back, and has been for few months now.

Ok so this is the feeling i dont understand. When hes at work and i think of him i have this HUGE wave of loving warm feelings and happiness....but i feel saddness. Before any of you comment i am HAPPY we go out and do things together, see friends, cuddle up to a dvd etc.... i just dont get it. Its like a achy feeling in my heart.

We live together as i moved back in but we are going to be living apart in a few weeks , i am getting my own place again. Was my idea as realised we rushed it , need personal space, and want to build a extremely strong relationship and wont move back in together until we both feel 100% its going to work for good as we used to argue all the time because i was insecure, needy, round him 24/7 bugging him , i had alot of bad insecurity behaviours but things have changed now i am fine and happy.

I sometimes think am i feeling saddness that i am moving out? Most people after 2 years would be moving in together but im moving out. Sometimes i think am i sad because of our past and wish it could of been different.

I find myself crying some nights. I also have ALOT of other stresses in my life at moment and missing my pet duck that i rehomed as he needed to be with other ducky friends and i wanted the best for him so i let him go so i feel very sad about that too, cry often miss him badly he was my baby.

I just dont know what it you?

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