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I would have immediately dumped you for your deceitful and jealous behavior. She is a saint for not dumping you.

Is this what she can expect from you in the future? Game playing, pretending to send texts, trying to trick her into revealing something that she's already told you didn't happen?

And what if he HAD "made a move on her"? Was that supposed to be her fault? Is she supposed to report to you every time a guy talks to her?

I think you need to seriously work on your jealousy and trust issues. She didn't leave you this time, but you may not be so lucky next time.
I agree, she is a saint. And, if she's got a brain in her head, she won't stay with you long. Your blatantly insecure, jealous and deceitful behavior is despicable. Unless you are able to see that you have issues you need to deal with on your own, enjoy this relationsip while it lasts because "healthy" women don't stay in relationships that contain this crap.

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