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I think it could be pretty harmless if you asked him out for coffee or something like that. But then the ball's in his court. DO NOT get in the habit of doing ALL the heavy lifting, always being the one to call, to set things up, to make arrangements and reservations, etc. You can see if he wants to have coffee or something, but then, afterwards, if he still doesn't ask you out, then he's not shy, he's just not interested. Remember, men are hunters and gatherers by nature. They love the chase. They don't value or respect anything they don't have to work very hard to get.
[QUOTE=Larrylou'smom;4798421]Remember, men are hunters and gatherers by nature. They love the chase. They don't value or respect anything they don't have to work very hard to get.[/QUOTE]

I'm sorry but that is the furthest from the truth. As Singlehunter mentioned, yes, SOME men are like that, but to make a generalization of all men are like that is simply your biased opinion. One could easily say that women only seek men who have money or power because there have been several instances of this being true. Would then this be a true generalization that men should tell other men asking for advice about women?

[QUOTE=Larrylou'smom;4799213]Yes, of course, no one would stay interested if their interest was not reciprocated. BUT my point was, if the woman does ALL the chasing, all the calling, all the date making and the planning, all the contacting, all the initiating, she will never know if he's really into her because he really likes her, thinks she's cool, and wants a relationship with her, or is only keeping her around because she's convenient, easy sex that he doesn't have to put any effort into getting. Not too long ago, a girl here told of an ex boyfriend who out and out told her he only kept her around because she made all the effort, drove to his house, made all the planning and arranging, meal making. all the work. He told her flat out that if she didn't call him ever again, he wouldn't miss her. I think that's the risk a woman takes when she does ALL the heavy lifting in a relationship. show interest, but don't be too easy.[/QUOTE]

Again as Singlehunter mentioned this could easily be flipped. Anyone doing ALL the work in any relationship is NEVER a good thing. It's a risk ANYONE takes if they do all the work.

Onesided, it's perfectly okay to ask men out. A lot of men (myself included) actually appreciate it and have a lot more respect for the women for having the courage to ask. Just remember to be yourself and see how it goes from there.

Good Luck!
Ok I want to answer this post by someone who says why should men do all the work of chasing.
Apparently some peoeple don't get it. Like I said before, men chase women so women marry them and have kids with pain and change the last name into his last name. So women will pay a lot of price in the old times to marry and never see her own parents for a long time again (in ancient times). Since women will pay such a high price, why should women want to chase after men and do this? :confused:That is why men chase after women.

If you think men do more work at chasing, well women do more work after they marry you and have kids and care for the family and the inlaws and etc.

If I were the woman, I would not even marry into the whole bunch of hard work like this.:(
I would choose to have my own free life!:D

Today it is a free world, so men or women, go ahead chase after one another! It is fine with me.:)

So it is ok for you to ask the guy out to find out as long as you are not worried about being embarrassed!

Good luck,

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