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I don't know, I think having lots of options and being free to pursue any of them is a good thing...

Think of all the women who are stuck in abusive marriages who haven't worked in 15 years and have 4 kids. Or, a woman who gave up all of her friends and family for some guy who then dumped her. OR, someone who uprooted her entire life and moved across the country for a guy and is now stuck alone in a strange city, far from friends and family, with no job and no prospects.

I think your life sounds exciting!

And don't ever say "all" you have are friends and family. Do you know how lucky you are to have them???

I think you are in a great place right now. I would envy you except I kind of have it all right now too...;) If you have your health too, then I'd say you're blessed. Unless you're one of those women who think that without a man life is worthless...and you're not, right?

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