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I'm not sure I would have ended the relationship, but I guess you did what felt right to you. However, even though you have been friends for a long time, taking the relationship to the next level is always a scary thing, and it sounds like you wanted Ken to jump right on board, put you above all else and start talking about a long term future, possible marriage, etc. Perhaps he only gave you a "lukewarm" answer because he wanted to take things slowly and see how the relationship developed after making the "let's be more than friends" plunge. No one is every really sure about a relationship, especially in the beginning. It took my boyfriend 365 days to utter the words "I love you." It killed me to wait that long to hear it since I knew how I felt about 6-7 months into the relationship, but after he finally said it, he also admitted he was really scared to say it and had wanted to say it much earlier on but needed time to gather up the courage. And in the end, I'm glad I had to wait to hear those words, because after spending a year together, we know each other inside and out, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly the other one has to offer and I know that he's truly in it for the long haul because things were never rushed and we didn't jump into love, we got there slowly. You said he worked all day until 5:30, and then worked on the house until 10pm.........well, I think any human being, man or women who was working such longs days would be exhausted and not want to do anything other than pass out or zone out in front of the television to decompress. I myself am in a job situation where for the last 3wks in August I work 14-16hr days. It's rough and I want nothing more than to sleep when I finally get home, and my boyfriend knows that when those days arrive he won't see me or if he does, I'll basically be a zombie (we went through this when we first started dating and while yes it was difficult and we both got frustrated having no real contact other than texting we both felt it was worth sticking it out). I guess if you hadn't already ended things I would have suggested seeing if and when he takes a food break during his work and bringing over a meal for the 2 of you to enjoy, but since you did end things good luck with any future relationships.

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