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[QUOTE=sgtcalypso;4803768]I am and have thrived off of girls who had lots of drama with needyness. That needyness I came to learn was, for me, a form of them showing they "care" if it makes any sense. It kept me on my toes as well.[/QUOTE]

It's human nature to be attracted to the exciting and spontaneous. Both genders love drama, and the sad fact is, it's what keeps people hanging on to really bad relationships. The truth is "all that glitters isn't gold when inside it's dead" (I'm quoting part of a song here that I think it's apt). The kicker here is, you already know what to expect from your ex. But what you are failing to understand is, your current girlfriend is uncharted territory. You never had a stable and open-minded girlfriend have you? If not, I think you need to take advantage of the opportunity and just exercise some of the boisterous drama-filled energy you are attracted to, and apply it to your current relationship, without driving your girlfriend insane or away.

[QUOTE=sgtcalypso;4803768]Now, I don't feel I am kept on my toes as much (or at all) because my current g/f is wonderfully stable and has an open mind.[/QUOTE]

Dude, no. Seriously, no. You are definitely taking your girlfriend for granted and de-prioritizing her. She does not deserve that. Image for a few moments, the situation was reversed, what if you were in her shoes. What would you do? The fact that she has an open-mind is a great thing. You can spice up the relationship very easily. Don't be afraid of what you have, and if you do feel like your girlfriend doesn't keep you on your toes, then do something about it. Surprise her with a plane ticket to some remote island with no Internet or cell phone reception for a weekend, and prance around naked or ride sea turtles together.

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