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I always turn to google in my times of need, and after typing in the title of this thread in the google brought me here. I read through many of these posts, and decided to join to hopefully get some advice on my situation. ANY advice or suggestions would greatly appreciated!

The situation goes as follow: I am in a serious, committed relationship with my boyfriend. We are in an LDR, or Long-distance relationship, and met through unexpected circumstances. My best friend and his were also in an LDR, and we began to interact. It wasn't long before we began dating, and I have made several trips to go and see him. He lives in another country, and since he works, it was easier for me to go to him. I plan to move to to live with him, about two weeks from now. I love him very much, and he loves me as well. He is a perfect gentleman, and always treats me with the utmost respect and care...except for one teensy thing. He is obsessed with my past, and the guys I have been with. Now, in his defense, he has OCD, and combined with that, trust issues within. He's had rough relationships in the past, and has been treated very poorly. However...

Recently he has begun to go overboard with this. We cannot go a few hours without him bringing up my past, asking detailed questions about guys I have slept with, what exactly I have done, how many times, etc. He wants every single detail about everything I have done. As annoying as this can be at times, I have no issue with telling him. The issue is that he becomes withdrawn, angry, and incredibly upset. He gets angry over things that I have done in my past, and sometimes can be very brutal about it. He has gone into fits and called me 'disgusting', 'gross', 'easy', 'a whore', and makes me feel very bad about what I have done. (He calls the 'old me' these things, if that makes a difference, I'm not sure...) He knows very well that I regret my past, as I was a party-goer and have slept with my share of guys, both relationships and flings, and that I would certainly change it if I could. However, the catch is that he has slept with almost as many as I have (I have slept with eleven men including him, and including me he has slept with ten woman) and I have only asked him about his past on few occasions. I have never gotten angry or upset with him over his. He is constantly asking for the tiniest details, and gets angry with ME when I tell him something he doesn't like, which is ANYTHING to do with my sexual past. I'm not going to lie to him, but i'm not sure what I can do. It has begun to get very stressful.

I feel as if he has begun to focus more on my past than on our present, as a couple. I try my best to be supportive and to just reassure that he is the only one that matters, but lately it has gotten worse. I am not sure how to handle this behavior anymore, but I am willing to do anything to make us work. He has threatened to break up with me over my past and has stated that 'he shouldnt have to carry the burden of my .... past'. I have tried to tell him how I feel about all of this, but he always turns it around like he is the one that is suffering. I know it hurts to think about me being with another man, but am I wrong to feel incredibly hurt and judged by this behavior? I am desperate for advice on this matter! ):
(Breaking up is not an option for me! I love him, and he is perfect in ever regard, besides this one. I just need help on dealing with this!)
As much as you may want to, you can't fix him. I hope you realize this. Whether you stay here or move there, it won't make it any easier to deal with all of his many, many problems. If he had just one of those disorders it would be hard enough, but to have so many going on at the same time and he refuses to get on meds to work through it? He is literally a walking advertisement for a mental institution. People who are unmedicated with bipolar and OCD make everyone's lives around them miserable all the time. And then they get angry because they think its everyone else who has a problem, not them. It's a horrible, tragic life to live with someone like him and I can't imagine anyone with any sense of self preservation would willingly put themselves in that environment. It has tragedy written all over it from start to finish. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but you need to think very hard about your life and the freedom and happiness that you will be giving up if you go live with him. I would rather stab myself with a rusty knife 100 times than to subject myself to that kind of misery.

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