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Not to pile on but I too was in such a relationship. I was married to my ex for almost 25 years and at about year 15 or so, she started with the BP depression thing and sought help. So far so good but then over the next 5+ years she stopped communicating with her doctor and slipped further and further from reality. Now, I'm all for sticking it out in marriage but when one participant so clearly demonstrates they don't care one bit whether they get better or not, I'm out! She got so bad at the end that I did anything to not be in the house. She'd provoke me all the time and eventually pulled a 9mm Glock on me for what, because although she'd been home all day, I needed to do the dishes right then! So, I got a pistol pulled on me. This, of course, was the final straw. In the hearing for the restraining order (in a packed courthouse) I had to tell my story about the dishes. You'd have thought I was a comedian, even the judge laughed! Aside from all that, I was granted the order and that really was the beginning of the end of my marriage.

Anyway, as you can tell, and especially if he's not taking care of himself, this will not have a happy ending. I really wish I could tell you differently but that's the deal. I wish you all the best!

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