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Hi there, thanks for that, I know I shouldn;t keep calling him, I know it winds him up, but its really difficult not to. I just end up getting myself in a worse state over it. You are right in your comments about him liking the money and the other things I do for him, and he has said in the past what you said that the money etc comes with too high a price in terms of being able to meet up for coffee etc. He looks at things completely different to me, I get home from work, and eager to jump in the car to go meet him, and sit for half an hour with a coffee, he has said in the past that he should be using that time getting home sitting with his daughter. But on that point, his partner takes her daughters to irish dance lessons quite a number times of the week and he is usually left on his own. I have to look over the four year period and we have managed to meet up regularly for coffee , and I am surprised actually that his partner hasn;t got suspicious and his stopped seeing me. I am open and honest with my mum and husband and just say, I'm off out now and that don;t bother me about it and have accepted it. I do look at things completely different, I am a free spirit with no real responsibilities can come and go as I please. Have I been misreading him all this time , a leopard never changes its spots. I actually can;t even think of a time that I have been absolutely relaxed with him, his always got time issues. If we have been to a football match we have to get out five minutes before the games over and literarlly run to the car to avoid the rush, now it is was mean I would just accept that there would be a traffic queue. But I have read on web sites that if he lies to his partner which he is doing then he is probably lieing to me at some point too. I have seen a therapist before and after the six or so sessions, I was still no better and just went back to my old ways. I have a short snap of being realistic but most of time am liviing in a unreal fantasy world.

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