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I really need some advice and other peoples opinions about this.
me and my boyfriend have been together 13 years and have been living together for 5. I recently had a work assignment for our health and wellness department to go walking to map out routes for others in the building to walk. The person i was assigned to walk with for 4 roughts is a transgender guy that turned girl but not sure if a full blown surgery was done. Since me and my boyfriend have a pact not to ever go out with the opposit sex and never have, I had asked him if he felt comfortable for me doing this and he was ok but it still made him really unconforatable and we talked about it.

so I see the the transgender woman as a woman and nothing else. we had 4 good walks and talked about girl stuff and gardens and the like. Really nice woman. so recently my bf was concerned that i go walking outside at work by myself because someone might try to snach me up. so last night i came home and asked if he would feel comfortalble if I asked the transgender woman to walk with me a couple of times a month. he about hit the floor, mad as heck and said I violited his trust and had an emotional affair with the transgender woman. I told him I think of her as girlfriend, not a guy but i do understand how he would feel unconfortable. I really messed up because now he wont even touch me, kiss me and told me that our marraige is on hold and i need to think about what I want and i hurt him really bad and why would i risk our relationship for another guy to have emotional bonding with. He said I have sent our relationship to hell and he is going to go to my job and try to find out if more has happened, which it has not, i dont even see this woman that way. Im so afraid that i just flushed our relationship down the toilt. My BF told me I could consider us roomates for now and he is discusted at me and told me I was sick in the head. He wants an answer to why I would put our relationship at risk just to walk with this woman. by risk, he asked me if I thought It would be if he worked out with another woman and instead of me saying hell no, I said ok but hesitated becaause i want to walk with the transgender woman. i had already told him that I saw her as a friend and as a girl not a guy and that it would be nice to have someone to walk with. The answer is not good enough. He said if I dont tell him the truth then he consideres me cheating. But that is the truth. He sees it as the answer being i have an emotional bonding connection with the guy part of her and since I dont admit that because i dont belive thats true, her in lies the problem. Please help with advice. thanks so much.

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