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So on my thread i was saying how my boyfriend and his mum kept a secret from me. I found it out. He is ''broken'' over his friend sleeping with his ex and apparently hes threatening this ''friend'' to tear his eyes out. I found out by the 'friends' brother having a private word and i heard everything. I knew all along he loved his ex still (they got 2 kids together , split up for 6 years)....i used to be paranoid and insecure as i just 'knew' he didnt love me and loved his ex. Its been confirmed. Him and his mum made out like i am crazy and wrong for being paranoid. Even his mum today said ''your insecuritys will ruin your relationship'' when all along i was RIGHT to be paranoid as hes been lying to me all along. So i busted his secret. Confronted him and hes been selfish and a coward and sat opposite me not talking to me, no explanation, no sorry for leading along nothing. He swore to me time and time again that he didnt love or have feelings for his ex and now hes going crazy about it. This 'friend' that he has hes not close with him, they don't see eachother often. Even still the point is hes lead me along all this time and lied to my face i even asked him this morning if its because of his ex and his friend i was guessing he said ''no its not that'' i asked if he wants and loves me only to be lied to.

Its well and truly OVER.

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