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I just wanted to add that right now it is probably easy for you to swear you will never go back and it's over for good because you're angry and hurt and feel betrayed. What I'm talking about is after a few days, when the anger fades, when the hurt is a little less, and you start to feel lonely, or you are looking for a job and it isn't happening right away, or you maybe are not getting along with your parents...that's when he'll start looking better to you. That's when you will start convincing yourself that it wasn't so bad, maybe you over-reacted, maybe you should talk to him and give him a chance to at least explain...when you are feeling vulnerable, lonely and a little scared, that's when you will be tempted to go back. I think that is what happened started feeling lonely and scared, so you convinced yourself that everything that went bad was your fault and all that was needed was for YOU to "change" and everything would be wonderful. You did a good job of convincing yourself too, you really believed that it would work out and you two would be together forever.

You really need to have a plan in place to fight those feelings of lonliness and fear, so you don't think the way to feel better is to go back to him. It's better to have a plan than to be suddenly hit with lonliness and fear, because you will feel like you have no options and that being with him is better than being alone.

And trust me...he will try to get you back. He won't believe this time is any different because you came back every other time. You not only accepted his poor treatment, you took all the blame for it! So he doesn't believe you're really leaving and that's why he isn't really reacting. He knows you will be back, so why stress?

It's up to you to prove him wrong, that you don't want to go back and you don't want to accept this shabby relationship any longer.

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