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Not Sure
Aug 2, 2011
OK, I know a lot of you will say I am not ready for a relationship, so I am just making the statement, that I recognize this...(my ex isn't either, but that is another argument...)
I have met someone and so far we are taking it relatively slow. For those of you who didn't read my last thread where I mentioned this new guy, I will briefly explain him and how we met. So, I taught at a summer enrichment program for 3 weeks this summer and he is the PE teacher at that school. We worked together in the program and every day was super exciting, hoping I would get a chance to talk to him and whatnot. From pretty much the first day, I felt like he always looked at me and he seemed to really want to talk to me. On a couple situations he would purposely touch my arm or my back. All of these signals made me think he was into me too. Come to find out my instincts were right, he was into me. We met a pub crawl and since that day, 2 weeks ago, it has been game on. He admitted that he had a crush on me, would stay out at PE longer than he should so he could talk to me and that he was trying to come up with a way to get my number and then I asked for his number. So, he was crushing and so was I. It was super exciting and the first few days we hung out were super exciting too. It is still fun to hang out with him, but the excitement has definitely died down. I know that we took it way too fast in the sexual since, as we have already slept together, so that most likely has something to do with it.
OK, getting to my problem. I am not too sure I am just not all that into him or if I do not know what to do with a nice guy. It seems all I have ever had were messed up jerks. This guy is a microbiologist working on his masters. He is older than me, super responsible, motivated and he has hobbies. He is also tall, in good shape, albeit a little goofy looking. He is a NICE guy with goals, JUST what I want and what my ex was lacking. He is also SUPER frugal, like a downright tightwad. He has yet to pay for anything for me. I am not a gold digger AT ALL. If I were, I would be bothered by the fact he drives a pile for a car and he doesn't have much money. I am not concerned with money, but it would be nice if for once he paid for my ice cream. He seems a little stingy. Also, I suggested a day trip to a really cool city close by and he wrinkled his nose and complained about the cost. It is really starting to bug me that he acts this way. I mean, I am smart with my money, but he is the one who said he wants to travel and has been pretty much no where. You can't travel, unless you just say, "To heck with it" and do it! He also seems to be not too fond of trying new things and he likes what he likes and that is pretty much it. He is also super opinionated. I like that he has opinions and cares about things, so not like my ex, but his opinions make him quite un-easy going. Despite these things, we have fun, we have sexual chemistry and he laughs at my jokes and says I am beautiful. My mom even says that I need a guy who is frugal because I spend too much. She also says I need a guy who has hobbies other than sitting on the internet (ex). I agree with her.
I guess, I am just curious if maybe I am being too picky and I am not able to see how good this guy really is or maybe he just isn't for me? Am I not able to recognize a good guy when he is right in front of me?

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