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Re: Maid!
Aug 11, 2011
Sounds like he's gotten too comfortable and is taking you for granted/taking advantage. You gotta send him packing (at least temporarily) so that he can miss you and realize how good he had it. Just tell him you need some space because his priorities are obviously out of whack, or something along those lines that feels right. Be honest with him, let him know the problem, and then don't see him for a while. Let him take you on dates/court you again. Don't have sex with the guy, or do anything out of your way for him, that goes without saying in this kind of situation. Relationships are give-take. If he isn't giving, you should stop giving too and wait and see if he snaps out of it or not.
Not advising you to play games or anything, just saying: you aren't this guy's mother, and he needs to man up and be dependable and accountable... and treat you with the respect you deserve! Until you're getting those things from the relationship, all of the "perks" of having a woman as lovely as yourself in his life have got to stop. Or else, he's never going to realize how good he's got it.
When my boyfriend gets lazy/inconsiderate I remind him that my sweet above-and-beyond-girlfriend-duties actions can easily stop at any time if he doesn't treat me the way he knows he should... works every time ;) why? Because I've literally cut him off from the benefits of having a girlfriend in the past (no not just sex -- although that too) and he doesn't want to end up back in that very lonely, cold dog house again. LOL! Just reminding him is enough to keep him from going there again.
Again, I'm not advising you to play games but to be honest. When he acts the way he does, I can't imagine it's much of a turn-on or very conducive to cuddling/spending quality time together. It damages the relationship over time, so it's important you show him that it's not okay with you by refusing to put up with it.
Good luck, hope he mans up!

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