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Yes, I agree, I think you could benefit greatly from counseling. If you have insurance, call them and ask them what they can do for you. If you don't, check out the white pages and see if the psychiatric board in your state can recommend someone who charges at a discount or a "sliding scale," meaning according to your income.

You have a very unrealistic and very unhealthy attachment to this guy. he has made it clear to you, at least by his words, that he doesn't want to be with you, will never want to be with you again, but he's keeping you handy for sex, for his free maid service, and commitment-free emotional support, without any of the responsibilities of being your boyfriend. What a great deal for him!! You need to believe him when he says he will never want to be with you again. You keep wanting to go backwards, and try to fix what is already hopelessly broken and it just doesn't work that way. You need to get it through your head that he is no longer an option for you and never will be again. He's using you because you're letting him. And as long as you keep sleeping with him, you will never break free from him. You need to stop. He's not your boyfriend anymore, doesn't care if you date other men, so why are you still sleeping with him? that's very unhealthy. Please shop around, call your local hospital, ask your primary care physician, anything. You need to get strong and get healthy and get away from this guy. You need to forget trying to win him back, believe what he's been telling you, and focus on moving ahead and past him.

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