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Angry other half
Aug 6, 2011
hi everyone,
im quite new to this so im taking a longshot with anyone that can make any suggestions or help me at all id be ever so greatful

i been going out with my boyfriend for almost 7 months now and everythings been brilliant....but the guy has such bad anger problems im a bit worried how i havent picked up on it before. he will get angry over the most ridiculous things....believe it or not he gets angry that i go gym that i train...and ok i do the odd boxing class here and there but i cant understand why he gets so frustrated....we have had arguments over things like this and not spoken and he's said he doesnt like me doing activities like that...or shall i say in his words...'not for girls' which i think is rubbish.

recently, he has managed to sit and talk to me about wat has been bothering him the most. he has noticed many timees where we have gone out to eat or chill or cinemas anyhing the usual things that couples do...but he has seen other guys looking at me as well in an unappropraite manor. its sad coz i love him a lot with all my heart i hate that society is filled with ppl who just gawp at you but i cant change the way i am all i know is that i would never wana leave him coz he has a big heart and loves me too...he looks after me well....but its bothering him sooo much to a point wer we havent realli been going out as much as we used too...simply becoz he said he most likely is at tipping point to start on someone if they look at me.

i dont know what to do...his anger on this is really bad and he has told me he would not want me to chnage the way i look for anyone and i said the same to him before too...i take no notice of those outside since i been with him i have never looked at another guy he truly makes me happy and i want to help him with this anger.... but he has said that there is a chance we may break up becoz it is that hard for him to love me and tolerate stuff from the outside world....or how do i help this?:( i know its his issue and many pepople i guess would leave....but i am willing and prepared to help him at any measure. any suugestions would be so greatful.

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