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Now please understand, i'm looking for advice from people that see's beyond the outter shell.

I feel as though I didn't explain enough.. Yes me and my girlfriend are 3 ages apart in ages apart. But as stated by other people I seeked advice from, age doesn't determine true love.. I've been on many sites evaluating my actions..and I believe I'm not a bad guy...

My girlfriend and I have been dating for over three years, like i stated before we didn't get sexually active til after a year of dating.. I've always had a respect thing..and My own goals in life... And i felt that rushing into intimacy is a wrong way to start a relationship.. I didn't rush into being in love, forever we said we liked each other alot. When i first met her, she wanted someone to go with her so she could get a tatoo, and she was scared of where she was going.. It was some random guys apartment.. Although I didn't feel comfortable..I didn't want her getting hurt so I went...despite my dislikes on it. I didn't know her well enough to really say I don't think you should get it.. considering she was only 16 at the time, and it was a lip tatoo..But I came for protection...didn't like that she skipped school for that...but I thought it was nice that I stayed to be sure they were safe, *her and her friend Katie.* Later on she asked me to walk her home..and I felt there was no real harm in it..we walked around a park first..talked and I felt so warm...and happy... I was going through a tough time..but just talking to her made me feel at peace..

So i walked her home, and she asked if I wanted to hang for a bit... i did acknowledge that she told me she was grounded but I had no plans on doing anything...I know my screw up...and I went in, we played rock band and literally sat on different couches the WHOLE time. Her mom came home and walked in on me sitting on one couch putting on eye liner, and her texting on the other. Her mom didn't flip... Her mom was doing yard work, i offered to help, was very polite.. Very awkward feeling considering.. I'm sure she's like.. WHY IS THIS GUY IN MY HOUSE.. at the end of it.. I walked home, and things seemed fine.. Her mom assumed I was gay..

(We weren't dating at this time)

Eventually we chose to start dating, was a cute way we did too. Kat was scared about telling her mom because she knew she wouldn't approve..I told Kat I didn't want us sneaking around... Although we did.. But I kept trying to convince her to talk to her mom. I even took her to a church I went too, had her meet people I considered my adopt family, and they said lies are never good, we need to tell the truth, so we planned on trying to break it to her mom.. But her mom finds out before hand and becomes enraged, messages me claiming that she doesn't approve.. claiming since i've been on my own since I was 16 i'm disfunctional.. now not.. I came from an abusive lifestyle, and was moved to ghetto atlanta... I had to leave.. I couldn't deal with I moved to make something out of myself.. But her mom makes me sound like that's a reason I'm not good enough for her daughter..

It was too much for me at the time, i was only 19, stressed, working hard at my current job, living with a friend in his roach infested house that I was trying hard to get out of.. So I told Kat, i can't do this.. I tried ending it.. I cared for her but didn't feel like this drama was needed...But things happened during with her and I couldn't just abandon her. I'm not a guy that constantly falls in love with girls, i've only loved two girls my whole life, Kat being the second. After so long of this, i finally got a car, i finally got out of that house and was living with a friend, only problem is my friend that i was living with before cut me out of their car insurance plan, and since I was paying down payments and rent, i had to try to rebudget to get my new tag and insurance.

Kat and i've gone through alot and finally came to though that once she turned 18 we should get an apartment together so this stress and drama can end.. I was VERY scared about doing this, talked to many friends about how I don't feel this is what I should be doing right now.. But I started saving up for the place...I cared for Kat and I wanted her to get some space so her and her mom can eventually reconnect and rebuild their relationship and just accept that I'm no emotionless dog she sees me as. Only problem was... The apartment was badly rushed...One roommate that was a druggie and wouldn't pay rent, other lost his job second week of having the apartment...and it struck me and Kat hard... we made it for another 4 months..and we could have gotten back on track...But her father made an offer.. We lived in GA at the time and he lived in FL, he said we can both move down there, get into school, and I can work for him til I found another job so I could pay off my apartment.. But he wanted us to move within a week.. So I quit my job before the two week notice was up...Even though I was so scared...her dad caught us when we were vulnerable..

We packed, and left to FL.. My friend died a week or two before all of I was already torn up and thought that's why I was scared... The room we were promised..a more spacey room with a living room..we didn't get..instead we got a small room right by the parents room. He didn't try to get me to work for him, instead just told me to try to find a job. Also I lost my car getting the apartment.. I got pulled over during going to work and working out the apartment situation.. I had the money I could've used to get my car back from impound...but I put it towards the apartment...Bad mistake I know..

So Kat was my only transportation..Her dad got her hired at Home Depot.. but apparently they couldn't help get me hired there... then got kat in cosmo school so she was too busy to help me find work. It was so hard for me..and every day i grew more and more upset that my credit's being ruined because I was lied to.. Eventually I found a new job..but it was MONTHS later... Finding jobs without resources is hard... And I loved my job, finally had money saved up, and her dad on July told kat while i wasnt around that he's kicking me out no matter what anyone does and that she should just leave so she doesn't get in the way... Now...I had no idea of this...He even took me to work the day she left, we talked, i told him how if he ever needed help with the yard I'd be more than happy too, and about how me and my friend wants to go fishin sometime with him... Then the next day Friday evening, he tells me she left and she's not coming back, she's back at her moms about to start college... I'm in Naples FL..I barely had friends...I was emotionally torn that she'd leave me..

But I found a way back up...wasn't here I am.. while I was in naples, kat told me life would just be better back up here anyways, we can get our lives on track here and that she'll help me with getting back on my feet..

Remember at the start of this I tld yall about how my mom relocated me to...Kinda the ghetto..well that's where I currently am... kat's seen me 3 times out of all this... Her mom cuts off her phone, she emails me every now and then saying she'll come see me or call me...It doesn't happen..then I sit glued to the computer for Weeks refreshing my email just to finally get one email and that's it... It hurts..because I sacrificed alot for her...alot of what I barely had... It wasn't out of immaturity..I felt I was just doing the right thing.. I loved Kat for her, sex was never important to me, I tried hard to be a great romantic, I didn't pressure her into anything. I just...Need help...

Because now her mom has her convince that our relationship is killing her she feels that we need to end...and it's during the time I need her most...I didn't leave her when I was under so much stress and she needed me..but now that I need the favor...I'm being tossed aside.

Btw her dad wanted to kick me out because he hated the idea of his daughter living with her boyfriend..which made no sense because we were living together months before he took us...

Please to anyone who reads this... I said horrible things to her out of being so depressed... I told her I'm sick of being lied to.. I hate that you're throwing me away leaving me with nothing...and that we should end because of our screw ups, not your family... Her mom said I was nothing..I was a guy who moved to Smyrna WITH nothing, and in the end had a 2003 Chevy Malibu Car, and got us a VERY nice apartment. Just like how now I've been accepted to be in a modeling/acting school that's going to help me find agencies after i finish my classes...

No matter how hard i'm knocked down..i've always built myself back up...but her mom judges the fact that I didn't live my whole life with my mother... I've NEVER hit Kat, never wanted too, no matter HOW made I got, I don't drink, do drugs, and I DON"T CHEAT, one thing i refuse to do. Only time me and Kat got into it was when I caught her flirting with another guy..which built up my jealousy... Now please understand, I don't want her to leave her family for me..I just want her to stand up to them and make them understand and respect that we're a couple that she wants to see how goes.. I want her to finish College, i've said that many times, I would love to one day start to slowly work my way into her families good grace. I know it'll take a while..but i'm willing.. I want to always be there for her... I hope I put in good details..My last one..i kinda jumped to the situation and didn't give the backstory and just came off as a control freak, but I promise this is true, I even have emails from her mom to prove it. Thanks to All, I need to know what I can do to win back the girl I love so much..

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