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Hi, the book is the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman and also Fireproof which is a book and also a movie on DVD. I'm so glad you had the confrontation with calmness with your wife and she shared herself with you. You tell her that you really love her and want to show her and have her feel it with more tools and if she would consider marital counseling. I know when I felt I wasn't getting what I wanted from my husband I wrote to someone and it was exciting and interesting but also knew it was wrong. I found out it was an emotional affair since I knew I wouldn't do anything physical with anyone if I was married and perhaps that is what your wife is doing. Somehow this person is fillling her emotional needs and that is not good. You have to set boundaries and she has to stop texting this person. I know you have to be firm but loving and ask if she wants this marriage to work that you both need to be on the same page and get help. Trust and respect is the foundation of a good marriage and you are on a rocky path right now. It isn't alright for her to do this and if you know this guy you can also try to talk to him that you want to make your marriage work. Best wishes.

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