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[QUOTE=CadenceA;4834746]It's exactly this attitude that has left you where you are today.

Things are not going to line up exactly as you want them. They aren't going to be perfect. You have to work with whatever happens.

Do you usually overthink and stress out this much over everything?

I met a guy I liked at an event. I went up to him and asked him if he was seeing anyone. He said he was, and wanted to know why. I told him that I thought he was cool and fun and I wanted to know if he was available. He was completely intrigued. We didn't date, but he sure paid attention to me after that! And guess what, he said he was dating someone and my world didn't end. I just went on with my life and eventually met someone else.

If you wait for things to be perfect before you talk to this girl, you never will.

Either you do something or you can spend the rest of your life kicking yourself (which I don't recommend, plus it seems like you do a lot of that anyway). Have you heard the phrase, nothing ventured, nothing gained?

If you don't make some changes in your approach and in how you view the world (you seem to think most things are boring and dumb), then you'll remain alone and lonely.[/QUOTE]

Well the thing is, technically i dont know her name yet because we havent introduced each other yet. Only reason i know it is cause i called the salon 2 days ago and another lady told me. She doesnt know who i am so thats good. Nobody knows who i am, just some guy who bought gel 2.5 weeks ago.

I mean if i want to get this over and done with, i think the ONLY way to approach this is to call the salon again today. Ask for the girl, if shes in great, say something like "hey i was in a couple weeks ago to buy some gel, i didnt get your name but i was just wondering when i can stop by to to talk to you?"

Does that sound lame? i dont know how else to put it. I literally have to call to setup a time with her or else just going to the store randomly and walking by is just too slim chance of meet getting to talk to her.

Or heres another idea but it might piss someone off taking up an appt. Call the salon, book a time with her to get my hair cut. But obviously im not going to so when i get there, just ask her out. Im thinking this isnt a good idea cause she or the staff might get upset that i wasted one of her time slots.

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