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Hi I didn't fully explain my whole situation and wish to god I had not cheated as I know our relationship was not good anyway. It was not just he had female friends he spoke to but I kind of got use to that. But what the problem is that I felt my boyfriend was emotionally controlling me. I had wanted to do something and follow a religion and he did approve on this. Told me if I went ahead we would finish. One time we had a big argument and he really upset me just said some very nasty things.
I just felt we were like house mates we never didn't do much at weekends. His idea of family thing would sit at home watching movies. I felt bored and I felt he would never change. I didn't feel I was good enough for him.
Only until I slept with this guy I realised how much he loved as he was nearly in tears. He walked out on me one night and I was heartbroken realised I do love him but not sure if I am in love with him. The spark has gone and even though we been trying to sort things out he won't trust.

Yest I know it's all my fault but apart of me wishes I ended it before I went ahead got with this guy. It just happened though this person would give me something that my boyfriend but infact I was full of guilt.

I am still confused over this guy and feel that I need to get my independence back and start working and then call it with my boyfriend for good. As I can't cope with it all.

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