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Thank you for your detailed response, I appreciate that : ) I guess he is my boyfriend, we just have never been in that situation where you would, say, introduce each other as "boyfriend/girlfriend". We are exclusive and hang out quite a bit.
I think I have already freaked him out a little. When we first started hanging out, he would say things like, "I can't wait to see you again" and if I didn't text him all day, he would question it. He would kiss me all over and called me amazing, etc. He seemed totally smitten with me. Now, he doesn't really say those things and I even had to have a talk with him about communication. He would rarely text/call and would wait for me to make plans with him. I basically just told him that with his lack of communication, the vibe I get is that he is not really into me or what we have going on. That was when he said he is into me and then we had the exclusive talk. He always seems REALLY uncomfortable if we have to "talk". Anything heavier than everyday talk and he gets weird. This guy is 33 and he acts like a teenager who gets all red-faced when people talk about feelings. I don't get it. I mean, I understand men do not like talks about feelings, but I would think that by mid-30's they would get to a point where they are a little more comfortable...
Also, I got out of a long-term relationship end of April. He knows its not been that long and has expressed concern that he could be a rebound. He doesn't want to be a rebound, but wants to date me. Maybe could this be the reason for his discomfort when discussing relationship matters?
As for us being "together", his words were, "I like you, I am having fun, we are exclusive and I don't want to see other people, but its not like I am going to say I love you next week". I totally understand and feel the same way, but I feel like after he made this statement, he has been distant. I am so confused. I feel like I am the one making the effort. Also, he is the kind of person that rarely shows interest in other people. I am not sure if this is due to his worry of being a rebound or if this is who he is. Examples include: I will ask him how his day is going and he will tell me and then not ask about mine. He has many interests, all of which I have expressed interest in. He has not really expressed interest in my interests, however. The only things he has really commented on is my style and how he likes it (the way I decorate and the things I like). He dominates the conversation and rarely seems to really, truly listen. I know all of this sounds like maybe he is not a great guy, or maybe I am nit-picking? I don't know...
Sorry this is so long...thanks for reading (if you are still reading)

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