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[QUOTE=Brkenhrt;4832711]Not completely there but just about. Im just growing impatient of always being single. I even ask myself at times if i even deserve to find someone in my life. Who knows maybe i did something real bad when i was young and this is the consequence.[/QUOTE]

No, I don't think that's how it works. I knew a guy once who was a real piece of crap. A liar, manipulator, selfish, pushy, cheated on every single woman he ever dated, messed women around big time, and now he's happily married with five kids. I think it happens 1) if it's in God's plan for you, and 2) when you're ready for it to happen. I mean, let's be honest, happily ever after just doesn't happen for everyone. The world is full of perfectly lovely, nice, well adjusted, fine people in their 30s and 40s who never married or never had a real, long lasting solid relationship for one reason and one reason alone - they just never found the right person. Sometimes it just doesn't happen, despite one's best efforts. But you have to try at least. It seems right now you're going for the wrong women. Silly young hotties you can't talk to or can't bring home to mom and dad are not going to cut it and you know that, right? So I think step one, is for you to stop dating that kind of woman. Find someoen closer to your own age, educated, more on your mental, educational and emotional level. Go where these women hang out, chat some up, find one you like and ask her out.

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